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For most people the transaction with the greatest impact on all aspects of their lives occurs in the area of real estate law.  Think of it, other than the people we love, is there anything we get more emotionally attached to then our homes. Financially, is there anything else in our life that requires as large a commitment?  Finally, when we die for most of us the largest asset in our estate is real estate, our home.
Even though its impact is so significant - most people are involved in real estate transactions only a few times in their lives.  They have entered into a lease agreement or purchased or sold a house infrequently.  The individual involved in a real estate transaction is often dealing with far more experienced or sophisticated parties – real estate agents, property management companies, banks, mortgage companies, title companies, and so on.  Individuals can be overwhelmed as form after form is pushed in front of them to sign.  Emotional attachments to the property often cloud a person’s judgment.
Of all the times in your life that you need an attorney’s assistance this is probably the most crucial, because mistakes you make here are costly and you often must live with them for a long time.
The time to get an attorney involved is at the very beginning, before anything is signed with anyone.  You want someone who is looking out for you and who can explain in plain language the impact of each decision you make and each signature you place on a document.

So whether you are a buyer or seller, tenant or landlord, borrower or lender, or just have an issue involving real estate I can help.

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