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Law office Of Albert M. Digregorio, Jr. A General Practice Concierge Law Firm

You do not have to settle for this kind of representation. 
You deserve an attorney that will make himself or herself available to you at a time and place convenient to you to address your questions and concerns as they arise. You are entering into a partnership and in order for that partnership to be successful, open communication is crucial. Establishing a personal relationship with each client gives me the power to communicate their interests as if they were my own. 
You Deserve a Concierge Attorney.  In order to get the best possible result, you need an attorney that can devote sufficient time to you, an attorney that can take the time to listen to the details of your situation. 

Emphasizing personal attention and responsive service while bringing the law to you

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Albert M. DiGregorio, Jr.
Looking around for an attorney can be stressful. Was your call screened by a secretary? Did you tell your story only to be transferred to a paralegal and then have to repeat it? Where you then transferred to an attorney with no experience? Finally, if the firm does decide to take your case, will you ever have an opportunity even once to speak to the attorney whose name is on the door? 

So whether you are  an  individual,  family  or  a  small  business,  the Law Office of Albert M. DiGregorio, Jr., a general practice concierge law firm,  has a  concierge  plan  that is  right  for you; as well as an a la carte menu of legal services to meet your needs.  To learn more call 215-428-1492.

The way that business is conducted between lawyers and clients has changed. And the change is permanent.  Many clients’ today can’t make it to a law office, they may not have the time, they may be unable to step out of their business, they may be infirm, or they may simply be uncomfortable in unfamiliar surroundings.  Whatever the reason, I will find a way to meet you where you are. 
Do not settle for having your case lost in a giant firm. Your case deserves personal attention, and so do you. Having a personal relationship with your attorney permits communication and communication is the key to the successful resolution of your case. 
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A General practice Concierge LAw FIRM

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