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Administration of Estates and Probate

Albert M. DiGregorio, Jr.

Do I need a lawyer for estate administration?  That really depends on the individual and the situation. To properly administer an estate you need time and organizational skills.  If the estate is small enough and doesn't have too many complications, you may be able to handle the administration without assistance.   But most people have limited experience in these matters and can benefit from hiring an attorney.

If you're not comfortable handling the details of the estate, or ever feel overwhelmed by its complexity, or even just want an attorney’s input, you can contact The Law Office of Albert M. DiGregorio, Jr. to help you.

Even if you are named the executor of an estate, you can still consult an attorney and hire professional services to help you administrate.  In the case of the death of a family member, even if you are handling most of the estate administration, you'll probably need an attorney for the probate process.